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Great prices and great customer service. They helped me with my two ponds, a year ago, and there customer service is second to none! Sales and service after the sale, with no hassles, Highly recommended!

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Richard Newman

Great products and wonderful, honest people. Excellent service would recommend to anyone!!!

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Maintain Your Pond Ecosystem With Our Pond Management Services In Oak Grove, SC

Are you fed up with algae, weeds, or muck? Have you stopped catching fish? Do you want a new pond but you are unsure where to begin? Or maybe you have a pond that’s not compliant or has failed an inspection.

A pond is an excellent addition to your property if you want to increase the aesthetic value of your home. Ponds can elevate your commercial or residential design by adding a touch of class and elegance to your property. Any lake or pond requires routine maintenance to stay pristine or will eventually require costly renovations. 

Absolute Aquatics provides incredible aquatic pond and lake management services in Oak Grove, SC. We provide affordable brush-cutting, debris removal, and various commercial and residential pond management and maintenance services.

We have a team of highly trained and licensed technicians in Lexington County who provide quality service to their clients. We specialize in balancing the aquatic environment through various treatment options.

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Our Pond Management Services

Our pond management technicians at Absolute Aquatics are trained and licensed to use specialized aeration equipment, materials, and application procedures. We can design and implement an effective pond management program to meet the needs of any water body. 

Here is the list of pond management services in Lexington County we provide:

1) Water Quality Monitoring

A good water quality monitoring program is the foundation of water body management. The pond health is monitored by measuring pH value, temperature-dissolved oxygen profile, conductivity (EC), Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), alkalinity, hardness, chlorophyll, zooplankton, phytoplankton, and other nutrients.

These parameters give our lake management technicians a good indication of your water body’s health for what needs to be done to improve the lake’s condition and re-establish a healthy balance in your aquatic ecosystem.

2) Water Quality Improvement

Eutrophication is a natural aging process that occurs in all water bodies. Luckily, there are ideal solutions to restore water quality problems. Once the cause of the water quality problem is identified, many engineering techniques are available to restore the water body.

3) Weed Control

When aquatic vegetation grows unchecked, it can obstruct fishing and other recreational activities, lower dissolved oxygen levels, impair water flow, harm fish and other wildlife, and create aesthetically unappealing lake conditions. Absolute Aquatics in Lexington County uses pondweed control and algae control techniques to manage aquatic vegetation.

4) Algae Management

Algae cause massive operational problems in irrigation canals and urban impoundments. Cyanobacteria (blue-green bacteria) are potentially toxic to humans and lethal to livestock.

Blue-green bacteria produce aesthetically unpleasant odors and tastes. They impact the shoreline of the lakes. Our pond weed control company Absolute Aquatics in Oak Grove, SC has developed a range of algae control techniques for small ponds, irrigation canals, and large reservoirs.

5) Water Clarification

The water in a newly constructed lake or pond is often murky. The suspended particles in the water cause this muddy or silty appearance. If left unattended, the water can take months to clear.

Absolute Aquatics will lab-test your water to determine the best method to increase the water body’s clarity. The flocculants produces an aesthetically pleasing impoundment.

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We are a family-owned lake management company in Oak Grove, SC dedicated to keeping ponds beautiful. If a problem arises in a lake or pond, we hire licensed aquatic brush-cutting, & debris removal specialists to provide a solution.

Communication is essential for the development of healthy relationships. We are always available to meet our customers, We discuss, inform, and assist them in establishing goals and expectations for their water bodies.

We offer advanced aquatic pond and lake management products and aeration equipment to help our customers avoid problems and maintain a natural, healthy, balanced, and beautiful ecosystem. If your pond is suffering from problems, we can restore it to its former glory while restoring its ecological balance. Call us at 803-808-7700 today for a free quote.

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