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Great prices and great customer service. They helped me with my two ponds, a year ago, and there customer service is second to none! Sales and service after the sale, with no hassles, Highly recommended!

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Great products and wonderful, honest people. Excellent service would recommend to anyone!!!

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Transform Your Pond or Lake Into a Pristine Oasis Today!

Restore Your Lake To Its Natural Beauty With The Pond Management Experts From Absolute Aquatics In Saluda Gardens, SC!

A well-maintained pond or water feature enhances the beauty and value of your property. Your pond and fountains require ongoing seasonal care as part of commercial landscape maintenance for your property.

Professional pond management services are required for homeowners or business owners who wish to maintain a beautiful pond. You can count on Absolute Aquatics for your pond management as we are committed to incredible customer service and optimal results in Saluda Gardens, SC.

We are a family-owned lake and pond management company in Lexington County dedicated to maintaining the beauty of lakes and ponds. We employ licensed brush-cutting & debris removal specialists and provide an ideal solution if a problem arises in a lake or pond.

From algae control and water colorization to winterizing your pond fountains, our pond management professionals provide the best experience for your landscape. We install pond fountains and aeration equipment systems, stock fish, build wetlands, and, most importantly, do mosquito control!

Retail businesses, office buildings, apartments, condos, and homeowner associations are among our clients in Saluda Gardens, SC. We rely on our highly trained lake management team for year-round outdoor beauty.

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Significance Of Annual Pond Management Service

Annual pond management is one of the best ways to minimize your water feature or pond’s maintenance. Annual cleaning is critical to the health and ecosystem of your water feature. Preventative maintenance is another way to keep your water feature healthy and reduce the amount of maintenance required.

The cleanout prepares for whatever comes next, whether it’s an ecosystem pond, waterfall, or fountain. Pond management is a filthy task, but it is necessary to maintain a healthy ecosystem and provide clear water for you to enjoy.

We have successfully constructed, repaired, and managed ponds and lakes for over a decade, enabling compliant stormwater management while providing an aesthetically pleasing community feature that residents enjoy!

Our major pond management services are listed below 

  1. Pond Monitoring and Maintenance
  2. Enhancement of Pond and Wetland Bench
  3. Pond Weed Control
  4. Insects & Mosquito Control
  5. Inlet & Outlet Repair
  6. Dredging, Repairs & Permitting 
  7. Fisheries Management 
  8. Bio-Retention 
  9. Inspections 
  10. Water Quality Analysis 
  11. Brush cutting & debris removal
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Common Pond Issues

The specifics of the seasonal aquatic pond and lake management are determined by the pond’s size, location, and construction materials. However, you should be familiar with the below-listed issues.

1) Aggressive Weed Growth

While aquatic plants can benefit a pond, they can become a nuisance if weeds grow out of control. Uncontrolled plant growth can lead to mosquitos, clogged drains, and unpleasant odors. We keep track of your plants and their overall health. Our pond weed control team in Lexington County can remove overgrowing weeds & restore the beauty of your water body.

2) Excessive Algae

Aquatic algae can cause excessive nutrient run-off from the pond’s surroundings. Algae can cause water contamination, foul odors, dead fish, and unsightly ponds. In case of an algae bloom, commercial pond algae control keeps your pond clean.

3) Discolored Water

When leaves or pine needles fall into a pond, they are the most common cause of tea-colored water. The tannins in them produce an all-natural “debris tea” color. It causes the clean, clear water in your pond to turn brown. You should check and clean your filter pads to maintain a healthy aquatic balance.

Try Our Pond Management Services Today!

Absolute Aquatics provides aquatic pond and lake management in Saluda Gardens, SC. We address any issues with your waterway for preventing future issues. From pond weed control to fish stocking and native plant installation, our firm can handle your aquatic needs competently in Lexington County.

Absolute Aquatics has the necessary expertise, crew, equipment, passion, and creativity to assist in maintaining large and small ponds. We can install and repair decorative and functional fountains and aerator equipment in your pond.

We have certified and licensed staff who are knowledgeable about aquatic plant species. We disclose our scheduled treatment dates, methods, herbicides, and algaecides used during treatments. Call us today at 803-808-7700 for a free on-site consultation.

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